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As a tourist visiting Nova Scotia for the first time in 1991, I was so impressed with the scenery, and ALL THOSE TREES. My first reaction as an artist was "How was I ever going to paint all those pine needles?" When I arrived on Cape Breton Island, I never wanted to leave. Was it the scenic drama and moody weather that appealed to me? Whatever it was . . I knew that we were a match made in Paradise (that's how the locals refer to a perfect day in Port Hood.) I purchased a home there in 1999, opening my Harbourview Studio the following year.

In Cape Breton I'm inspired by the magnificent landscape of forested hills; farm lands and quaint historic buildings by the edge of sea all subject to the constant change in the weather. I'm quieted by the sense of peace and tranquility as I walk the pristine beaches and admire the wild rocky coast line.

By 1997 I had a collection of drawings and watercolors that I completed on subsequent trips, living at the Lighthouse Cottages by the Sea. Many of the drawings appeared in the Traveller's Guide to Cape Breton, written by Pat O'Neil. In 1998 I was invited to exhibit my work at the University College of Cape Breton Art Gallery where I will be returning for a second exhibit in the spring of 2006. This exhibit My Cape Breton Connection will feature paintings and drawings of Pennsylvania as well as Cape Breton.

- Julie


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