The Dirty Old Ladies' Cookbook

Since getting your cookbook, I can't put it down.

You are truly amazing! Everyone who knows you is aware of your abundant talent, but this book is a delight on so many levels — recipes, artwork, philosophy and heartwarming stories all in one. You have me laughing, crying a little and getting hungry all at the same time.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful little snippets of life!

- Deb Deysher


Food, Fun and Laughter are the perfect ingredients for any gathering and served as the inspiration for
"The Dirty Old Ladies Cookbook"
written by Julie Longacre a.k.a
Julia Goodbody, the fictitious, aficionado of the kitchen.

This 420 page, wirebound book is a collection of recipes, Julie's illustrations and her personal, humorous anecdotes. It's a nourishing volume of food and affection, stirred gently with time.



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